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Prepare soft and spongy paneer without lemon and vinegar.
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1 litre Milk
1/4 cup curd
Boil milk in a vessel. Stir continuously. Switch off the flame. Remove from gas stove.

Gradually add curd and mix gently. Curd will curdle the milk. Add all curd till the milk gets completely curdled. Place a cotton cloth in a sieve. Pour the curdled milk in sieve and remove the water. Use water in making dough, curries or rice. Wash the curdled milk with room temperature water. Squeeze all the water. Cover the chhena in cotton cloth and tie it tightly. Make a rectangle shape with the cloth. Place on a plate, keep a heavy object on it, keep aside for 20-30 minutes.

After 30 minutes, remove the heavy object and open the cloth. Our homemade paneer is ready.

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