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Pinata cake is a trending cake these days. It requires a special mold and a wooden hammer for making it. Today we are coming with a no mold pinata chocolate smash cake. You can prepare it with jugaad I have shown in the video. All ingredients are available at home. Do try it, you all will love this concept. Thanks for watching.
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250gram dark chocolate
¾ cup red velvet cake premix
2 tbsp oil
For decoration-
Golden edible dust
Melt chocolate in double boiler.

Allow to cool. Place a cling film in a bowl. Pour melted chocolate in bowl. Spread evenly and coat bowl’s inner side with melted chocolate. Keep in fridge for 5 minutes. Take out the bowl from fridge, apply second coat of melted chocolate with the help of brush. Keep in fridge for 5 minutes.

Take out from fridge and demould it gently.

Keep in fridge.

For red velvet cake sponge, take ¾ cup red velvet cake premix (check on my recipe videos)

Add 2tbsp oil and prepare a cake batter using water or milk.

Pour the cake batter in a 5inch greased cake tin. Bake in a preheated oven on 180 degree or in kadhai for 30 minutes.

Take out from oven, allow to cool and demould.

Now place the cake on a board, slice the cake, sandwich with melted chocolate, ganache, whipped cream, place chocolates, strawberries or whatever you want to place on the cake. It is a surprise cake.

Take out the chocolate bowl from the fridge, cover the cake with chocolate bowl.

Mix ¼ tsp edible golden dust and ½ tsp oil in a bowl. Apply randomly golden colour with the brush over the chocolate bowl.

Tie a satin ribbon on wooden spatula.

Our jugaad chocolate piñata cake is ready.

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