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Tofu is made from soyabeans. It is high in protein and calcium. Those who do not consume milk product or have allergy, for them it is a good vegan source. Since it is not easily available in the market so you can make it at home with the help of this video
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250g Soya Beans (Soaked Overnight)
2tbsp Vinegar
Add half of the soya beans and make a fine paste using water.

Make paste in two batches.

Sieve the paste in a muslin cloth.

Soya milk is ready.

Boil the soya milk on medium-low flame. Stir the milk continuously.

Switch off the flame.

Add 1 glass water to reduce the temperature of soya milk.

Gradually add vinegar in the boiled soya milk.

Milk will start curdling.

Strain the water in a muslin cloth.

Wash with cold water and tie and cover with the cloth.

Tie and squeeze out the excess water.

Take a sieve plate and keep the tied tofu over it to remove the left out water. Press it with a heavy object for 1/2 hour.

After 1/2 hour, tofu is ready.


1. For making 250g soybeans tofu, 1.5l water is required (including grinding and sieving).

2. Stir the soya milk continuously while boiled, otherwise it will stick to the bottom and give a bad smell.

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