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Kasoori Methi is a very flavourful herb and a very important ingredient of our kitchen. It makes curries and vegetables more tasty and beautiful. Although Kasoori Methi is easily available in the market but to consume homemade hygienic Kasoori Methi, today we will make it in two different ways. These methods are very simple and hassle-free. After making Kasoori Methi you can store it for more than a year in the fridge.
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Fresh Fenugreek Leaves (Hari Methi)
First Clean the fresh fenugreek leaves and wash with water 2-3 times and drain out all the water and keep on a strainer for about 1 hour. Today we will show two different methods for making kasoori methi.

For the First method I have taken half of the fresh and washed Fenugreek leaves. Spread a newspaper or a thick cotton cloth on table and spread fresh fenugreek leaves. Allow them to dry in shade only for 12 hours.

From rest of the half fenugreek leaves we will prepare kasoori methi with second and quick method.

After 12 hours the leaves are shrinking and getting dried up. Flip them and allow to dry for more 12 hours.

The leaves are completely dried up after 24 hours.

Transfer all the dried fenugreek leaves in a plate. Keep them in sun light for about 30 minutes. Sun light makes them fresh, green, crispy and storable for whole year.

In second method we will make kasoori methi in microwave. Spread fresh fenugreek leaves in a microwave safe tray.

Microwave for 2 minutes on high temperature. Take out from oven.

Flip and spread evenly and microwave again for 2 minutes on high temperature. Take out from oven.

The fenugreek leaves are completely dry. They are very crispy too.

From the both methods we can prepare perfect crisp and green kasoori methi. Store in an air-tight container and keep in fridge for 1 year.

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