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Coconut is a very tasty and healthy fruit and is easily available all over the world. Coconut is used in a wide variety of recipes which we all love to eat. We love to eat coconut in all its forms, We eat it when tender, also when in fresh form or dry form and enjoys it in curries, sweets, pudding and medicinal way. Today we are showing a small video on how to remove hard shell from coconut in two easiest way. These methods are very simple and best kitchen trick to make life easy
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While purchasing coconut from the market make sure that it is quite heavy and contains lot of water.

For first method remove the fibres from the coconut.

Of the three coconut eyes one is softer than other two, pierce the soft coconut eye using a sharp object.

Sieve the coconut water in a utensil.

Insert a sharp object in coconut eye and roast on high flame till cracks appear on coconut shell.

Put off the flame and place the coconut on a kitchen napkin. Hit the coconut shell with a heavy object so that cracks appear on it.

See how easily we have removed the shell and coconut flesh is ready to use.

For second method remove the fibre from the coconut.

Hit the coconut shell with a heavy object on the two lines which are slightly protruding.

Sieve the coconut water. And divide in two parts.

To remove coconut flesh from the shell keep them in freezer for 15 minutes.

After 15 minutes remove coconut from the freezer and pull the coconut flesh as shown in the video.

In the video we have shown two easy methods of getting coconut flesh in a hassle-free way. Use as per your convenience.

Peel with a peeler to remove brown skin for making desserts

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