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We all love to make cake cakes at home. This is an eggless chocolate cake decorated with fondant honey bee and covered with chocolate collar, which is one of the most easiest method of cake decoration. Do try it and prepare beautiful cake at home with no efforts
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1 7 inches Cake covered with chocolate cream 1 cup melted chocolate white fondant yellow gel food colour black gel food colour Bubble wrap
I have baked a chocolate cake and covered it with chocolate whipping cream.

Melt chocolate and allow to cool on room temperature.

This is a bubble wrap.

Measure the length and width according to the cake and a round piece for the top. Make sure you cut long strip 2-3 inch extra from the cake size.

Spread melted chocolate on round piece also and leave for 2-3 minutes.

Stick the long strip on sides of the cake. Join ends of the strip.

Place the round piece on top of the cake and keep in fridge for 5 minutes.

Gently remove bubble strip from the sides of the cake.

Remove bubble sheet from the top too.

Place a small star nozzle in piping bag and fill ganache. Recipe link for ganache is given in description box.

Pipe out small rosettes on the border of cake top.

Pipe out small stars on the bottom border.

This is white fondant.

Add yellow food gel colour.

Add black gel food colour in white fondant and mix.

Add corn flour if needed.

Both yellow and black fondants are ready.

Make small 4 ovals from the yellow fondant.

Prepare thin strips from the black fondant.

Place two black strips on yellow oval as shown in the video to make it look like honey bee.

Prepare small balls from the black fondant for eyes and place on yellow oval shape honey bee.

Prepare honey bee's wings with white fondant.

Apply water with painting brush on the sides of the bee and stick wings.

Make smile on honey bee's face with the help of a tool.

Cake is ready, place the bees on cake.

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