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4 Innovative and flavored homemade chocolate recipe for diwali celebration
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1 Cup chopped Dark chocolate
1 Cup chopped White chocolate
1 Cup chopped Milk chocolate
For stuffing –
Paan chocolates –
1 Tbsp Tutti Fruity, 1 tbsp gulkand (rose petal jam), chopped betel leaves, sugarcoated fennel seeds, dry paan masala.
Caramel filled chocolate – Salted caramel sauce, crushed peanuts
Salty Potato wafer chocolates – Crushed Orange Candies
Mix dark chocolate and milk chocolate in a bowl. Microwave for 30 seconds and mix. Microwave for 10 seconds for more and mix. Keep aside.

Microwave white chocolate for 30 seconds and mix. If needed microwave for 10 seconds more and mix.

Crush the salty potato wafers.

Add crushed wafers in melted brown chocolate and mix. Fill in chocolate moulds. Tap gently to remove air bubbles and keep in fridge for 10 minutes. Take out from fridge and demould the chocolates. Salty potato wafer chocolate is ready.

Pour melted chocolate in chocolate mould cavity and spread so that all walls of cavity are covered with melted chocolate. Remove extra chocolate from the cavity. Keep in freezer for 1 minute. Take out from freezer and fill the cavithy with prepared salty caramel sauce. Spread roasted and crushed peanuts over the caramel sauce. Cover rest of cavity with melted chocolates and tap nicely.

Keep in fridge for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes remove from fridge and demould the chocolates.

Caramel filled chocolates are ready.

Add chopped betel leaves, coloured and flavored fennel seeds, tutty-fruity, dry paan masala, gulkand in a bowl and mix well. Add melted white chocolate and mix well.

Spread fennel seeds in the chocolate mould bottom, fill the cavities with prepared paan chocolate mix. Tap it. Keep in fridge for 10 minutes. Demould the chocolates after 10 minutes.

Add crushed orange candies in white melted chocolate and mix. Spread some crushed orange candies in the bottom of chocolate mould and fill with crushed candies and white chocolate mixture. Keep in fridge for 10 minutes. Demould after 10 minutes.

Innovative, delicious homemade crazy flavored chocolates are ready.

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