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"The way to a person's heart is through their stomach". This is true for not only men but every living being. Food gives complete satisfaction and here I will teach you some amazing recipes to win a lot of praise and hearts. My name is Madhulika, let's get started !!


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Sooji Milk Toast / Rusk

All of us start our day with Tea/Milk/Coffee and we generally also eat Toast with it. Toasts are also known as Rusk around the world. Homemade easy healthy Sooji Toast recipe which we are going to prepare in Kadai. The Milk Rusk are very easy to prepare and here we are preparing the toast in kadai and we are also showing another simple method using oven to prepare rusk. These rusk /Toasts are prepared using Sooji which is healthier option as against Maida. They are homemade, crispy, simple to make and delicious to eat and start our day on happier note.

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Madhulika Vatsal

I am an explorer of food and I feel that people who love to eat are always the best people. I am passionate about cooking and firmly believe in the fact that a recipe has no soul, but you, as a cook, with your affection can bring soul to the recipe. I like to show creativity with dishes which can be made with easily available ingredients in the kitchen.