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"The way to a person's heart is through their stomach". This is true for not only men but every living being. Food gives complete satisfaction and here I will teach you some amazing recipes to win a lot of praise and hearts. My name is Madhulika, let's get started !!


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Rice Flour Chakli / Murukku

Crispy, kurkuri chakli is a very popular snack during Diwali. In south India it is known as Murukku. Chakli is a traditional dry snack recipe. We can store it for month. These can be prepared with different methods and ingredients. Today we are going to show a very quick, instant and easy recipe of crispy chakli. These chaklis are prepared with rice flour and besan. Enjoy diwali with homemade crunchy chakli.

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Madhulika Vatsal

I am an explorer of food and I feel that people who love to eat are always the best people. I am passionate about cooking and firmly believe in tha a recipe has no soul, you as the cook and with your affection must bring soul to the recipe. I like to show creativity with food which can be made with easily available ingredients in the kitchen.