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Crazy Dough/ Multipurpose Dough

A small and informative video on how to use different type of yeast and making multipurpose dough using yeast.



Preparation And Cooking Time

60 Min.


Basic Ingredients

Cooking Method :   

For 100% whole wheat bread dough

  500g whole wheat flour (genhu ka atta)

  2 Tbsp fresh yeast

  2 Tbsp. powdered sugar

  1 Tsp. salt

  1 Tbsp. oil

  1 Tbsp. Flax seed powder + 2.5Tbsp. luke warm water

For All Purpose Flour bread dough-

  400g All purpose flour ( maida)

  2.5 Tsp. Instant Active Dry Yeast

  1 Tbsp. Sugar

  1 Tsp. Salt

  2 Tbsp. butter

This is fresh yeast, it comes in block form and its shelf life is very less but it gives very good results.

These yeast granules are easily availed at grocery stores, but they never give me good results so I am not using this one.

This is instant dry yeast and always gives me excellent results. From last 3-4 years I am using only this yeast. This yeast comes in fine granules. Just cut the packet and keep in an air tight container and store in freezer. It will remain usable up to 1.5 years.

If you want to substitute the yeasts. 1tbsp. fresh yeast = 1tsp. instant dry yeast

No need to soak instant dry yeast. But we have to soak fresh yeast.

For fresh yeast we have to take luke warm water in a bowl. Add 1tsp. sugar and 1/2tsp. salt and mix properly.

Add 2tbsp. fresh yeast in luke warm water.

Keep aside for 10 minutes.

After 10 minutes it will bloom like this.

For whole wheat bread dough, I am using flax seeds powder, which I have soaked in luke warm water for 10 minutes.

This is home ground wheat flour. Add salt and sugar in flour. Mix nicely. Add soaked fresh yeast and soaked flax seed powder and prepare a soft dough using luke warm water.

Grease the platform with oil. Transfer the dough on platform and knead for 9-10 minutes with pull and stretch method as shown in the video.

Now you can see the dough has got a smooth texture.

Collect the dough and make a smooth ball.

Keep the dough in a big greased bowl. Grease the dough too.

Cover with the cling film and keep in warm place for one hour.

Take maida (Apf) in a bowl. Add sugar, salt, instant dry yeast and mix well.

Prepare a soft dough using luke warm water.

Grease the platform with butter and knead the dough for 7-8 minutes by pull and stretch method.

Now the dough has got smooth texture. Collect the dough and place in a greased bowl. Grease the dough too.

Cover with cling film and keep in warm place for 40-60 minutes.

Wow!! feeling awesome... The wheat flour dough and all-purpose flour dough have risen perfectly.

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