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Strawberry Coconut Modak

Seek blessings of Lord Ganesha with special strawberry modak.



Preparation And Cooking Time

15 Min.



Cooking Method :   

  1 Cup desiccated coconut

  1/2 Homemade condensed milk

  1/4 Cup milk powder

  1/4 Cup cashew

  1/8 Cup strawberry syrup

  1 Tsp strawberry essence

  A pinch of red food color

1.      Roast desiccated coconut for 2 minutes on low flame.

2.      Add condensed milk, milk powder, cashew powder, strawberry syrup, red food color and essence.

3.      Mix and cook on medium flame till the mixture collects in the wok.

4.      I always keep homemade condensed milk in my fridge so I can prepare sweet in minutes.

5.      Now it has started to collect. Switch off the flame and allow to cool completely.

6.      Now it is cool and firm.

7.      I have a modak mould, which is easily available in the market.

8.      Grease the mould with ghee and fill the prepared modak mixture in mould. Press nicely and demould it.



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