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Sohan Halwa

Sohan Halwa is a famous sweet with its origin linked to Ajmer. It is an easy and mouth watering recipe made with using sprouted wheat flour.



Preparation And Cooking Time

60 Min.



Cooking Method :   

 1 tbsp Sprouted wheat flour

 2 tbsp Maida (All-purpose flour)

 11 tbsp Sugar

 450ml Clarified Butter

 1250ml water

 1/2 Cup cashews

Sprouted Wheat Flour-

Soak 1 cup wheat grains in water for 24 hours. Drain out the excess water. Tie in a muslin cloth and keep in warm place for 2-3 days. Sprinkle water in regular intervals of 8-10 hours.

Note: - For making sohan halwa we need high flame.

             Proper measurements should be used as given in the video.

Add maida, sprouted wheat flour in a big vessel. Mix well.

Gradually add 1250ml water in flour. Mix well and make sure no lumps are there.

Switch on the flame.

Bring to boil on high flame.

Add sugar and allow to boil on high flame till sugar dissolves properly.

Add clarified butter. Water should be on boiling stage.

Stir continuously on high flame.

Now color has started to change.

Meanwhile assemble the moulds in a plate and place cashews in them.

Stir continuous.

It has started to thicken.

Now clarified butter has started to leave on sides.

Now it is getting thicker. Stir continuous on high flame.

At this stage you can see this kind of texture.

It is almost done. In 1-2 minutes it will become light brown in color.

Switch off the flame.

Fill the moulds with prepared batter. This step should be fast.

Allow to cool for 20-30 minutes.

Demould them.

Ajmer special, crispy, delicious sohan halwa is ready to eat!!


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